CGMP Certified Company

iM1NE has acquired CGMP (Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice) certification as the first company out of all other domestic mask pack ODM companies, and has the state-of-the-art infrastructure to develop products in various categories.


    As the world's No. 1 mask pack ODM company, iM1NE has expanded its business area to the skincare market based on the R&D know-how which has accumulated over the years. With a differentiated formulation and prescription, we launched a skincare line with various brands such as Abib pad, KoY ampoule, and Dr. Jart+ pore primer, driving positive market response and stable sales.


    Basic/cleansing/sun care, etc.

    Differentiated skincare prescription that combines new ingredients and formulations

    Toner, Essence, Lotion, Serum, Cream, Sun Care, Exfoliating, Cleansing, Remover Pad, Remover Tissue, Nose Pack, Mustache Patch, Acne Patch, Melting Essence Film, etc.

  • MASK

    iM1NE has been continuously introducing new products that complement the shortcomings of existing sheet masks by combining differentiated fabrics and optimized essences, and is setting a new standard in the K-beauty mask pack market by creating star products that attract word-of-mouth from consumers every year.


    Sheet mask

    Hydrogel mask

    Various body part patches

    Hydrogel : face, cheeks, eyes, under the eyes, smile lines, lip, chin, shaving zone, neck, V-line, chest patch, etc.

    Sheet : face, T zone, U zone, eyes, cheeks, clavicle, hand, foot mask, etc.
    Mask sheet designs for various parts and optimized formulations


    By combining the formulation technology accumulated from masks and skincare and cover/patch design technology, iM1NE has expanded its scope to hair, body, and foot, currently introducing a variety of beauty products to clients.


    Hair/Hand/Foot Mask

    Development of body categories such as body lotion/oil/cleanser

    Hair mask, hair essence, hair lotion, treatment, hair pack/wet tissue, body lotion, body oil, body cleanser, armpit pad, elbow, heel, knee, etc.


    iM1NE has introduced a specialized system that can develop and produce quasi-drugs in response to the deepening of external harmful environments such as fine dust and viruses. We have obtained permission to manufacture quasi-drugs and are developing various products that respond to external harmful environments such as SENIDERM.


    Launched new concept moisturizing disinfectant ‘SENIDERM'

    Development of quasi-drugs that respond to external harmful environments such as viruses

    External disinfectant applied directly to the human body, such as SENIDERM and hand sanitizers