CGMP Certified Company

iM1NE has acquired CGMP (Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice) certification as the first company out of all other domestic mask pack ODM companies, and has the state-of-the-art infrastructure to develop products in various categories.


    As the world's No. 1 mask pack ODM company, iM1NE has expanded its business area to the skincare market based on the R&D know-how which has accumulated over the years. With a differentiated formulation and prescription, we launched a skincare line with various brands such as VT Reti-A Series, KoY ampoule, Numbuzin No.5+ Vitamin-Niacinamide Concentrated Pad, driving positive market response and stable sales.


    Basic/ Cleansing / Suncare, etc.

    Differentiated skincare prescription that combines new ingredients and formulations


    Jar Pads

    Special Formulation & Differentiated Fabric

    Patented Pad Container

  • MASK

    iM1NE has been continuously introducing new products that complement the shortcomings of existing sheet masks by combining differentiated fabrics and optimized essences, and is setting a new standard in the K-beauty mask pack market by creating star products that attract word-of-mouth from consumers every year.


    Sheet Mask

    Sheet Mask (Dispenser type)

    Hydrogel Mask

    Hydrogel : face, cheeks, eyes, under the eyes, smile lines, lip, chin, shaving zone, neck, V-line, chest patch, etc.

    Sheet : face, T zone, U zone, eyes, cheeks, clavicle, hand, foot mask, etc.
    Mask sheet designs for various parts and optimized formulations

  • Hydrocolloids &
    Microneedle Patch
    Hair & Body

    Im1ne has expanded its business area into specialized adhesive care following sheet masks, hydrogels, and skincare products.

    In particular, hydrocolloid and Microneedle patches are poised for a full-scale entry into the global market with the signing of MOU for new market development. Additionally, we have introduced a variety of beauty products by expanding into areas such as hair, body, and foot care.

    Hydrocolloid Patch

    Microneedle Patch

    Hair/Hand/Foot Mask

    Body products (Body Lotion / Oil / Cleanser)

    Microneedle Patch, Hydrocolloid Patch, Pimple Patch, Wrinkle Patch, Nose Pack, Hair Mask, Hair Essence, Hair Lotion, Treatment, Hair Pack/Wet Tissue , Body Lotion, Body Oil, Body Cleanser, etc.


    iM1NE has introduced a specialized system that can develop and produce quasi-drugs in response to the deepening of external harmful environments such as fine dust and viruses. We have obtained permission to manufacture quasi-drugs and are developing various products that respond to external harmful environments such as SENIDERM.


    Launched new concept moisturizing disinfectant ‘SENIDERM'

    Development of quasi-drugs that respond to external harmful environments such as viruses

    External disinfectant applied directly to the human body, such as SENIDERM and hand sanitizers