If there is the only essence that does not change over time.
Making great products.
It is the only thing.

In 2006, when the word “sheet mask” itself was unfamiliar, we launched iM1NE with one goal of becoming an OEM company specializing in masks. We pioneered a new beauty product market only with confidence in the possibilities, and has became the No.1 global sheet mask ODM company.

In 2012, iM1NE rose to unrivaled position in the field of sheet masks in Korea, but did not settle and step up to new challenges. With our accumulated experience, we added newly recruited professionals’ know-how, spurred investment in R&D to create a greater synergy, and entered the global skincare market. Currently, we have partnerships with over 100 brands in over 40 countries worldwide.

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With our three unchanging values
iM1NE will build trust with clients


In order to make products being loved for a long
time in the market, iM1NE boldly invests in R&D and
competes with innovative and original technology.


With insight that penetrates the beauty market one
step ahead, we act as the market trend leader to
suggest product strategies that directly connects to


From sheet masks to skincare, we operate and
manage a close collaboration system to meet
customer needs and create synergy to realize infinite