iM1NE Beauty Trend Lab introduces a social network visual data analysis model to identify the needs of real consumers in real time. Based on an independent big data analysis model that considers the consumer's purchase journey, 135 million related words are derived, and 6 core basic types and 5 functions are extracted to predict changes in the beauty market one step ahead.

  • 01

    Collecting & Storing

    Social matrix

    Data collection

    Collecting & Storing
  • 02

    Cleaning & Processing

    Data consolidation/Integration

    Filter by related search terms

    Cleaning & Processing
  • 03

    Mining & Analysis

    Data extraction

    Trend/Issue analysis

    Mining & Analysis
  • 04

    Insight & Visualization

    Marketing strategy proposal

    Trend book publication

    Inventory sample book provided

    Insight & Visualization


We provide the beauty trend book consisted of ANALYTICS, SENSES, and INVENTORY to the partners of iM1NE


Based on big data and FGD, we develop keywords for each type of product and combine innovative R&D technology to plan and develop the products that consumers need the most now.

  • Regular FGD

    Regular FGD

    Regular FGD (Focus Group Discussion) is conducted with beauty-related people and actual consumers to identify consumer needs, and to analyze user’s usability evaluation and satisfaction for each product type.

  • Development of Product Keywords for Each Type

    Development of Product Keywords for Each Type

    Based on the insightful consumer insights and product trend analysis of beauty experts in each sector, product keywords for each core type, such as masks, skincare, and makeup, are developed.

  • Development of Our Own R&D Products

    Development of Our Own R&D Products

    By combining the innovative R&D technology of iM1NE with the results of professional trend analysis, we develop optimal products that reflect the needs of the market and consumers.

  • Development of Our Own R&D Products

    Tailored packaging and content provision through analysis of design trends

    ①Packaging Solution

    - We plan and develop innovative, future-oriented, and sustainable packaging solutions.

    - We analyze design trends based on excellent quality standards, plan and develop customized packaging solutions for our customers.

    ②Content Solution

    - We provide support for creating promotional images and videos for our customers.

    - We provide content services.


iM1NE has launched various brands in collaboration with famous domestic and foreign influencers.
Numerous success stories accumulated over the years prove the product development solution of iM1NE.
Based on the insights and know-how of beauty experts, we support individual entrepreneurs with no experience in cosmetic development to successfully launch their brands.