In the production line of iM1NE, which consists of a total of 3 layers, not only skincare, but also various patch products such as masks and hydrogels, as well as quasi-drugs, all products handled by iM1NE are directly produced. Total production capacity is 19,739,520 pieces per month and we are stably complying with the delivery dates of our customers around the world.

  • 1F

    Sheet Mask & Quasi-drugs

    Automatic Folding/filling/sealing


    Rotary Filling Equipment

    Equipment for tissue pouch(single use)

    Tube sealing equipment

    High-adhesive coating & cutting machine

    Monthly production of each line


  • 2F


    Equipment for Hydrogel

    coating & Eye patch Jar type

    Eye patch automatic machine

    Hand & Foot & Hair Equipment

    Monthly production of each line


  • 3F


    Multi 4 ball cell line

    Single-shot Filling machine

    Automatic packaging machine

    for Square container

    Shrink machine

    Monthly production of each line


1 piece tissue pouch machine

SENIDERM Perfume Sanitizer Wipe production facility that can individually wrap one by one in consideration of hygiene

The only domestic facility in Korea

Automatic folding pouch machine

Full automatic facility that can manage all the process necessary for packaging mask sheets from fabric perforation, side business, liquid filling, and sealing to one

Thorough foreign material management with vision camera

Hydrogel coating machine

Machine for manufacturing a gel-type mask pack

Hydrogel face mask, eye patch, cheek patch, partial patch as well as coated cream mask can be produced