Thorough Quality Control and Safety Verification

iM1NE complies with cosmetic production and quality control standards throughout the entire process from raw material warehousing to market shipment. In order to manufacture safe and uniform quality cosmetics, raw material testing, physical property testing, device analysis, and microbial limit testing are strictly performed. Only products that have passed rigorous quality verification consisting of multiple stages are shipped out. iM1NE is striving for technological innovation and thorough safety verification for the best products.

Machine Analysis

HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)

GC (Gas Chromatography)

UV/VIS (Ultraviolet Absorptiometry)

Physics Test

Electrical Conductivity, Total Organic Carbon

analyzer (TOC)

Microbial Test

BSC clean bench, high pressure steam sterilizer, incubator, thermo-hygrostat, hardness tester, optical microscope, etc.


Complied with Global Standards
and Various Certifications Obtained

iM1NE supports all legal paperwork task so that it can smoothly obtain licenses for each country and product by understanding the guidelines of each country on the cosmetic quality control and import/export procedures. We provide the best quality assurance service by systematically managing various documents required for CGMP certification with a strict quality control system and acquiring specialized certifications that reflect the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

Compliance with domestic and foreign cosmetic quality control regulations

Legal management related to the operation of cosmetic manufacturing facilities

Compliance with audit regulations of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Export Sales Support

Separate operation of system cooperation team

Support for various legal documents after reviewing country-specific regulations and permit conditions

CGMP certified

Revision and approval of the 4 major standards

Product standard revision management

Approval process on manufacturing instructions and records, etc.