Continuous Research for Independent Prescription

iM1NE constantly researches to develop unique prescriptions.
We are commercializing our independent technology by discovering differentiated items through short and mid to
long term project research / inventory exhibitions / contests and actively supporting patent applications.
Create differentiated products with iM1NE, making unique prescriptions in various fields, including utility model patents and design patents.

  • iM1NE x R&D Lab
    Patent Application to Registration Ratio

    80% and more

    Patent registration 80% and more (*including utility model)
    Design patent registration 70% and more



    Non-woven mask using multi-layer cellulose structure
    Cream-coated hydrogel mask
    Non-fat body moisture patch for moisturizing and elasticity enhancement
    Oil-in-water cosmetic composition comprised of petals
    Holds a number of technology patents related to masks and skincare, such as sheet masks with excellent skin adhesion and its manufacturing methods


    We hold patents for innovative designs combining Hand pack fixation straps, Upper and Lower Face Mask, Skincare Patch for the Back of the Hand, V mask, Hair pack for pigtail, as well as container designs such as non-sealing pads and triangular pads.