Unique Product Development

iM1NE possesses differentiated technology, such as patented sedimentation/flotation technology to realize visual
differentiation of skincare products and serum technology that naturally forms capsules by designing the optimal ratio
of raw materials. We develop original skincare products in various categories such as toners, ampoules, creams, and
sun care with technology that incorporates unique ideas.

  • Toner & Mist

    Flower Sinking & Floating

    Skincare technology that treats real petals to settle or float in toner and mist

    Patent Application No. 10-22117370000

    Flower Sinking & Floating
  • Serum & Eye Cream

    Capsule / Phyto mucin

    Formular specialized technology that naturally forms capsules by designing wax raw materials at the optimal ratio

    Formular specialized technology, in which the stretchable phyto mucin polymer is dispersed in an emulsion with high stability

    Capsule / Phyto mucin
  • Ampoule


    Visually differentiated with a multi-layered ampoule through a delicate oil specific gravity design, while using no silicon.

  • Sun Care


    Fatty Acid, Fatty Alcohol Emulsifcation

    Creates an emulsion with high moisture and excellent blocking effect with fatty acids and fatty alcohols, which are natural emulsifying ingredients, instead of general chemical emulsifiers. Can be applied for daily sun serum and sun cream for sports.


Global No.1 Mask & Hydrogel
ODM Company

The core technology of iM1NE sheet mask is to develop and match the differentiated fabric with its optimal essence. We developed our own triple-layered pulp sheet and stored the essence in the center to minimize fabric sagging and irritation. We prescribe various sheet masks by combining formulations, fabrics, and immersion technologies to reduce evaporation of active ingredients and ensure that they are fully absorbed into the skin





Possessing unique mask prescription


  • Oil Serum

    Development of serum formulation in which various oils are dispersed and stabilized

    Registered Patent

  • D-phase Emulsion Formula

    Improving the feeling of use by applying the D-phase emulsification process technology that makes the emulsion particle size smaller than the general process

  • Petal Softening Formula

    Development of formulation containing petals softened so that they can be absorbed into the skin
    *Differentiation in appearance

SheetState-of-the-art fabric inventory

  • Bio cellulose

    With a 3-dimensional network structure, the absorption capacity is 10 times higher than that of general non-woven fabrics.

    Registered Patent

  • 3-layer structure cellulose

    3-layer structure of natural cellulose nonwoven fabric. Excellent essence retention

    Registered Patent


    iM1NE's patented special fabric method applicable to all fabrics

    Registered Patent


    Made from natural bamboo, durable and comfortable to use


    Yarn thinner than hair. Closely adheres to the skin


    Excellent moisture retention as the essence is maintained in the hole with cotton down processing fabric


    100% Eucalyptus Extract Excellent touch, gloss and transparency


    Organic pure cotton fabric with less irritation to the skin

DepositionCollaborated with AP

  • Advanced Even Deposition
    Technology of All Formula™

    Uniform deposition is possible from low-viscosity essence to high-viscosity cream. Able to deposit creams with no fluidity

  • Specialized Antiseptic System

    Preservatives derived from natural products that minimize irritation

Only iM1NE’s Technology

Prevents rapid evaporation of skin active ingredients and moisture by processing
common essence into a gel formulation. Delivers fresh and deep moisture by
increasing the absorption rate of active substances and retaining moisture.

  • 자사독점원료 AMF

    Transparent Hydrogel

    Emulsifying the hydrogel to achieve a creamy appearance with nutritional benefits

    The hydrogel undergoes a transition from white to transparent as its active ingredients are delivered to the skin

  • Multi-Coating Hydrogel


    Coated by spraying highly nutritious cream on the surface of the hydrogel. iM1NE’s own technology.

    Registered Patent No. 10-1434855

    Moisturizing barrier formed from cream formulation that delivers moisture and active ingredients to skin
  • Only iM1NE’s Formula

    Only iM1NE’s

    A hydrogel with a proprietary formula that offers superior softness and high adhesion compared to the others

    Delivers active ingredients deep into the skin with excellent adhesion

Expansion of area with iM1NE’s technology

By combining the formulation technology accumulated from masks and skincare and
cover/patch design technology, iM1NE has expanded its scope to hair, body, hand, and foot,
and is introducing a variety of products. Recently, in preparation for COVID-19, quasi-drug
manufacturing permission has been obtained and various quasi-drugs are being developed to
respond to external harmful environments such as SENIDERM.

  • Formulation for each body category

    Formulation for each body category

    Capable of developing formulations and cap/cover designs that can be applied to various body parts such as hair/foot/hand

  • Bangs volume hair mask

    Bangs volume hair mask

    Development of a hair mask that reduces hair drying time and protects the natural volume effect by applying the optimal fixer and conditioning polymers.

  • 슬리핑 헤어 마스크

    Sleeping Hair Mask

    A new concept leave-on sleeping pack can be used before going to sleep. It forms a thin film on damaged hair for the treatment while sleeping.

  • 세니덤(SENIDERM)


    4 in 1 disinfectant and skincare brand that removes 99% of harmful bacteria, moisturizes and protects hands with the fragrance effect. This is a quasi-drug approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety with effective disinfection. This is a new concept hand sanitizer containing the know-how of skin recovery and moisturizing prescription to prevent from skin damage such as dryness after disinfection.