• Affiliation with Premium Hotels and Resorts

    Daemyung Resort

    Ananti Penthouse

    Affiliation with Premium Hotels and Resorts
  • Naeil Chaeum Reduction

    Naeil Chaeum reduction for young

    Naeil Chaeum reduction for employee

    Naeil Chaeum Reduction
  • Employee Health Checkup

    Annual health checkup

    Support for special health checkup (cancer)

    Monthly health interview

    Employee Health Checkup
  • Encouraging Maternity and Parental Leave

    Gift for baby present

    Reinstatement congratulations bouquet

    Encouraging Maternity and Parental Leave
  • Support for External Training

    Encourage work-related training

    Certification exam fee support

    Education expense support

    Support for External Training
  • Supports and Benefits

    Up to 20% discount on medical expenses at partner hospitals

    20% discount on labor costs for partner vehicles

    Unmanned ramen cooker and confectionery vending machine

    Welcome kits

    Supports and Benefits
  • Encourage Annual Leave

    Company holiday on sandwich day

    Monthly health leave for women

    Summer vacation

    Encourage Annual Leave
  • Congratulations and Condolences

    Congratulations and condolences flower

    Paid congratulations and condolences leave

    Gift voucher for birthday

    Congratulations and Condolences
  • Early Adaptation Training

    New employee on the job training

    Field job training

    Support for departmental expenses (dinner expenses)

    Early Adaptation Training